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What's in LIMU?

Limu contains a balance of glyconutrients, 17 amino acids, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, colloidal minerals, a wide range of vitamins, and a variety of polyphenols (powerful antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals) that are in proportions designed by Mother Nature. This super food supports virtually every organ in the human body. Fucoidan which is a glyconutrient with over 1000 scientific studies is compared to human breast milk with its immune building properties. Limu Moui is a brown seaweed found in the Tonga islands.


Learn more about Fucoidan here:


Limu Original is in an all-natural liquid form and is easily absorbed into the blood stream making it a perfect food for chronic illness and an impaired immune system.


Part 1

Part 1


These are some of the Vitamins and Nutrients found in LIMU products...Does your food, drinks, vitamins, and/or supplements even come close this?




• Glutamine A Vision, cell division, reproduction, immunity


• Glycine B1 (Thiamine) Regulates mood


• Histidine B2 (Riboflavin) Regulates mood


• Isoleucine B3 (Niacin) Nerves, skin, digestive system


• Leucine B5 (Pantothenic Acid) Anti-stress and fat metabolism


• Lysine B6 Needed for enzymes and protein metabolism


• Methionine B9 (Folic Acid) Used to make new cells


• Phenylalanine B12 Regulates mood


• Proline Beta Carotene Cancer prevention and bone health


• Serine C Wound healing, Limu has more than oranges


• Threonine D Maintains normal calcium levels in the blood


• Tryptophan E Antioxidant, anti-coagulant, cell development


• Tyrosine Lecithin Breaks down fatty deposits under the skin


• Valine Biotin Cell growth, fat metabolism


• Glyconutrients-Saccharides (Essential Sugars) Minerals


• Alginic Acid Block absorption of radioactive material and free radicals Boron Works with other nutrients for optimum function


• Galactose The typical diet yields only galactose and Organic Chlorides Essential for


stomach acid production


• L-Fuctose glucose. Glyconutrients encourage natural Chromium Cell nourishment and energy


• Mannose killer cells to fight disease. These will make Copper Essential for all life


• Sulfate the immune system more able to fight illness Iodine Optimal thyroid health and metabolism


• Uronic Acid and degenerative disease.


• Iron Thyroid health, formation of red blood cells


• Xylose Glyconutrients promote cellular communication. Magnesium Fights depression


• Manganese Fertility and bone formation Amino Acids (Building Blocks of Proteins) Phosphorus Bone and tooth health


• Alanine Potassium Essential for nerve and heart function


• Arginine These are the building blocks of life.


• Selenium Protects against cancer, thyroid function


• Asparagine They are involved in every metabolic process


• Sodium Essential for nervefunction


• Aspartic Acid occurring in the body such as brain activity, Zinc Optimal thyroid health, wound healing


• Cysteine hormone secretion, and enzyme manufacture.


• Glutamic Acid Sterols Form part of the cellular membrane. These are non- Essential Fatty Acids


• 24-Methylene-Cholesterol cholesterol that block the absorption of cholesterol.


• Omega 3 Good fat, prevents cardiovascular disease


• Fuco-sterol Increases antioxidant enzymes in the body.


• Omega 6 Works with omega 3 for optimal health


• Mucilage Satisfy hunger, strengthen hair, skin, nails


• Laminarin Anticlotting and anticancer compound


• Chlorophyll Nourishes red blood cells


• Polyphenols Anti-oxidants, prevents heavy metal buildup


• Fiber Aids digestion, promotes feeling of fullness


LIMU products are truly 100% Organic and all ingredients are built in a lab, only grown in the ocean!




A Perfect 10 for Original LIMU!




1) Liver cell regeneration and heavy metal detoxification.


2) The Thyroid strengthens with the natural iodine support. This means more energy, stronger bones, less sugar cravings, hormonal balance for men and women. Less menstrual symptoms and an easier transition through menopause. Weight loss as the thyroid balances the metabolic rate.


3) Adrenal stress is modified as the body is supported to balance cortisol. After long term stress the body can recover with a super food such as Limu.


4) Heart support by naturally lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. The fucoidan has been shown to reduce the chance of clotting by thinning the blood. Heart muscle cell regeneration has been shown to be a result of consuming fucoidan.


5) Skin regenerates and retains more moisture with the fatty acids and mucilage compound found in Limu. Skin problems clear in teens as the body balances. Fewer wrinkles are a huge plus for adults.


6) The Immune System (a combination organ response) Limu and fucoidan have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Studies show fucoidan is effective against Herpes viruses and HIV virus. Fucoidan stimulates Natural Killer cells- many studies with reducing cancer cells- which can be found on under fucoidan, and fucoidan also stimulates B cells that produce antibodies against disease organisms.


7) The Lungs receive the benefit from anti-inflammatory properties of Limu. Asthma sufferers notice that their episodes of asthmatic attacks are less. Allergic responses are less due to the suppression of IgE response in the body.


8) Stomach and Intestinal tract health is improved by the natural plant enzymes. Less inflammation and healthier mucosal tissue in the colon. In the small intestine the absorption of glucose is slowed and balanced stabilizing blood sugar. Less hypoglycemia.


9) Brain chemistry is balanced by limu and fucoidan- less depression and return to a lightness of being. Scientifically shown to improve motor function and memory retention after a stroke. Shown to help with ADD and ADDH.


10) Bones and Joints receive the regeneration and protection from the fibronectin which plays a significant role in keeping joints lubricated and flexible. Fucoidan shown to be beneficial in regeneration of cartilage in arthritic joints.


To learn more about LIMU Original & Fucoidan contact the person that shared this link with you and Limu your life today.


Having a healthy immune system & nutrition

A healthy immune system is always the best defense against any threat of illness. Boost your immune system, help protect yourself from initial exposure, and give yourself a fighting chance against harmful invaders.

The immune system is vitally important for optimal health and wellness as it protects you from the constant assault on your body.

Having a healthy immune system is vital to ensure quality of life. Our immune systems have the remarkable capacity to protect us from disease and fight off foreign invaders that can cause our body harm. The immune system is often not given much thought until it stops operating efficiently.

If the immune system does not receive adequate nutrition it can become weakened reducing the ability to fight off infection or illness, it can leave you feeling run-down and fatigued, and increase the allergenic response. All immune cells are made from nutrients derived from the foods we eat and different cells require different nutrients.

Antioxidants are needed to quench free radicals as they can damage immune cells and wipe out cytokine pathways. Antioxidants are crucial to mop up after an immune response, not only this but free radicals can impair immune cells from functioning properly.

To keep the immune systems strong and healthy, not only do you need to look after yourself (i.e. adequate sleep) but consume a healthy diet. Include superfoods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and good protein sources in your diet as this will ensure adequate nutrients for the immune system.

So if you’re looking for a healthy diet options to defend, boost, protect, and fight off harmful invaders, we have a great option for you. That option is LIMU; LIMU is not a miracle cure, or a quick fix to better health. LIMU is a health discovery; simply put a perfect food, a superfood containing a super nutrient. LIMU can provide your body with over 70 vitamins and nutrients it needs every day. LIMU feeds and fuels your body allowing your body to perform at its peak. When your body is fed the real food that it needs, it has the power to cure itself back to better health.

LIMU containing Fucoidan grows naturally in the ocean not synthesized in a lab; learn more about Fucoidan here:

To learn more about LIMU Original & Fucoidan contact the person that shared this link with you and Limu your life today.



Good Healing Crises…

Detox isn't anything to fear, in fact it's a sign of health.

Here is what typically will happen when a person starts drinking 2-4 oz. a day of Limu. They may experience an increase in energy and realize that they are sleeping better in the first 10-14 days of having started Limu. Then all of the sudden they go into a period of feeling sluggish, just not feeling as well as what they were earlier, and this can last about a week to 10 days. Then they return to feeling an increase in energy again with more rest etc. (each time they work themselves thru a toxic period they come out at a new level of wellness afterwards). Your body is constantly seeking perfection in its performance no matter how sick you are. Even if you are at the hospice level with a terminal illness, your body keeps fighting for wellness. 

Many new customers will detox and not even feel a difference in what's happening to them. Some based on how sick they are and the amount of toxins that are trapped in the body, will have an immediate detox take place, but do NOT worry! Remember drinking LOTS of water will allow your body to flush out the toxins during the detox.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” If you feed you body what it needs it then can cure and prevent disease.

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